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Kohler 238057-11

Product Code: 238057-11
Availability: 10
Dimensions: 11.00in x 0.00in x 0.00in
MPN: 238057-11
Location: WHS-KY

Price: $19.99

2 or more $18.99
4 or more $17.99
10 or more $16.99

Kohler 238057-11 Plug Wire reproduction made in house by WHS.  This one fits the Kohler engines with the coil mounted on the rear of the engine.  This was done on the Commando 800, a lot of the B-80's, and possibly others that I am not aware of.  The new Kohler version of this part is now a cut to length make yourself part, not as good a quality part, non copper core, and a much more expensive part.


** The original wire was 14" long from end to end.  This wire is 11" in length total from end to end and is still a little longer than it needs to be.  We did this because the factory wire was way too long, it laid on the shroud causing problems and also stuck out on the outside of the hood where you could see it.  Every piece of this assembly is Made in USA, the boots, terminals and wire.  The boots and wire jacket are silicone. The plug wire end has been upgraded to an automotive grade clip with an extra spring around the plug connector to keep it from getting loose like the originals did.  The coil end is brass and has an actual 90 degree mount for crimping so you pull on the connector when removing it instead of the wire like the original.  The wire is an actual 20 strand copper core and will last many years like the originals as well.  MSD's Ultra 40 Racing wires are 40 ohms per foot of wire and these measure below 20 ohms, not that you will be racing the tractor or anything... 


*There are pics above in the "Actual Tractor Pics" tab showing the original wire vs the one we make on a Commando 800.


* *If you need a custom size feel free to call us and we can built it for you.


WHS Kohler 238057-11 Plug Wire.  100% Made in USA.

Price includes 1 - WHS Kohler 238057-11 Plug Wire


Wire: 7MM silicone jacket with 20 strand copper core
Boot material: Automotive grade EPDM silicone rubber
Coil Connector: Brass
Plug connector: Automotive grade plated steel
Length: 11"


Here is why we decided to shorten the wire to keep it off of the engine shroud and from seeing it when the hood was closed.









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