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Wheel Horse 110044 Basic Rockshaft Kit

Product Code: 110044
Availability: 5
Dimensions: 0.00in x 0.00in x 0.00in
MPN: 110044
Location: WHS-KY

Price: $59.99

Wheel Horse 110044 Basic Rockshaft Kit for Wheel Horse 300-500 Series and will fit others with the same rear tank bracket.  We have had many calls and messages about making this part for a long time.  The tubes and tube brackets are installed on most tractors from the factory and should be on the tractor (unless someone removed them).  Most people want to go to the local tractor supply people and can pick up the cables, clamps, chain, etc for less than $15.00, all they need is the rock shaft basic lift kit that we have made here to get the job done at a low price.

The rock shaft is made here in house, a jig was made to make sure each one is made correctly and fashioned off of one of the NOS ones we had.  Rods are made and finished, e-clip groves cut to spec, etc and welded up here, then we blast and paint them.  The oil impregnated bronze bushings and E-clips are all made in USA.  You will have to take emery cloth or a wire wheel to take the paint off of the ends of the rock shaft where the bushings go on, it is a precise fit and the paint makes it too tight but we didn't want the shaft to rust after it was made.  Like everything we make it is a high quality part like people have come to expect from us.

Here is a link to how they are made in detail, installation instructions are in the last post as well - The making of a rock shaft kit


Wheel Horse 110044 Basic Rockshaft Kit - 100% Made in USA.

Price includes the basic rock shaft, 2 E-clips, and 2 oil impregnated bronze bushings.

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