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Wheel Horse Lift Height Kit

Product Code: Wheel Horse Lift Height Kit
Availability: 12
Dimensions: 0.00in x 0.00in x 0.00in
Tags: Kit , Height , Lift , Wheel Horse
MPN: Wheel Horse Lift Height Kit
Location: WHS-KY

Price: $79.99

Wheel Horse Lift Height Adjustment Kit for 300-500 Series and will fit others with the same setup.  We've been making this part for many years but mainly just for walk in customers.  Most of the 310 tractors didn't have this at all.  It's a must have if you want to clear snow from non solid areas (like gravel drives) with a blade or blower, it's also nice to set the tiller depth or height on a mid mount grader.  If you have a problem with your original Casting lift lever #106345 or 106345-03, this entire kit is almost the same cost as the cast iron part alone and won't be as prone to breakage.

It is all made here in house, a jig was made to make sure each one is made correctly and fashioned off of the NOS parts we had.  Like everything we make it is a high quality part like people have come to expect from us.


Here is a link to the forum on how they are made in detail, jigs, installation pics, and decal placement - Lift Height details

There is also a decal placement tab above for a quick reference.


Wheel Horse Lift Height Adjustment parts list (original corresponding part numbers below) -

  • 1 - Casting lift lever #106345, 106345-03
  • 1 - Rod height control #110653
  • 1 - Sleeve # 106258, 106258-03
  • 1 - Knob lift control # 5280
  • 1 - Cap # 105316
  • 3 - Bolt # 908019
  • 3 - Locknut #915662
  • 1 - Hairpin cotter # 933505
  • 1 - Decal set labeled T for top, B for bottom panel

Improvements to original design -

  1. The main bolt in assy is not breakable cast iron, it is 1/4" thick angle iron.
  2. J bolt is a Grade 5 and has been upsized to 1/2"
  3. Knob is original design upsized to 1/2" brass threaded
  4. Hardware is Grade 5
  5. Panel decals are included for tractors that did not come with height adjustment.


Wheel Horse Lift Height Adjustment Kit - 100% Made in USA.

Price includes 1 Wheel Horse Lift Height Adjustment Kit.

Each decals has a cut out for where it goes, T is top panel , B is bottom panel.  They are set up to go right into the corners of the panels.  


** They are not the same and do not interchange.



Lift Height Decal Placement

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